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Frequently asked questions


  • What is the FIEL?
    • The Advanced Electronic Signature (FIEL for its acronym in Spanish) is a set of data attached to an electronic message, which purpose is to identify the issuer of the message as the legal author, just as if it was a written signature.

      Because of its characteristics, FIEL provides security in the electronic transactions of the taxpayers, by using the FIEL, the author of the message could be identified and verified that it has not been modified.

      Its design is based on international standards of public key infrastructure (PKI) where two keys are used in order to send the message.
      The “private key" is only known by the FIEL's owner, and is used to encrypt data; and
      The “public key” available on Internet for all users of electronic services, with which data is decrypted. In computer terms it is impossible to decrypt a message using a key that does not correspond.

  • What is the CAAT?
    • Carrier’s Harmonized Alphanumeric Code (CAAT for its acronym in Spanish), which is needed for their corresponding imports, exports declarations, and allows the companies that provide terrestrial transport to register their general data, as well as the data of their vehicles and the name of the drivers of such vehicles.

  • What is a non tariff barrier or regulation?
    • The non tariff barriers or regulations are measures which regulate or restrict goods import or export from or to the country. The purpose of the establishment of these measures relates to different issues such as: national security, ecological balance, animal, vegetal and human health, among others, as well as to maintain the balance of national economy.

      Such measures may consist of previous permits, authorizations, proofs of country of origin, certifications, safeguards, compensatory quotas, official regulations, and other appropriate instruments for the trade policy of a country. Such measures are described in Agreements issued by different Federal Government Agencies (SEMARNAT; SAGARPA; SEDENA; SE; SALUD).

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  • What is it?
    • Saving scanned documents needed for customs clearance of goods, which will contact the Integral Customs Automated System and customs clearance systems for the purpose of eliminating paper.

  • Achievement.
    • Achieve the office of foreign trade goods without the physical movement of paper and eliminate customs document files, importers / exporters, custom agents and customs agents.

  • What benefits will we get?
    • •Delete the physical files currently stored custom agents, shippers, importers or exporters.
      •Lower storage costs and maintenance.
      •Reduction in paper handling customs.
      •Eliminate risk of destruction of documents.

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Electronic value voucher (COVE)

  • What is it?
    • System that validates and receive information in advance of the documents that prove the value of goods and information from crossing documents in the case of consolidated shipments.

  • Achievement.
    • Homologous in an electronic file (XML) those crossing documents (“proforma” invoices, packing lists, etc.), as well as documents that protect the value of the goods (tax invoices, import invoices, delivery notes, statements of value, etc.) and remove the physical layout of these.

  • What benefits will we get?
    • - Cost Savings (paper, storage, time, expenses, etc.).
      - Reduce risk of counterfeiting.
      - Better determination of the operations review.

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Secretaría de Economía

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Procuraduría Federal de Protección al Ambiente

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Despacho Directo - Solicitud para tramitar número de Autorización, Designación de Representantes Legales y Auxiliares, así como Expedición de Gafete Único de Identificación

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